Working Holiday Visa Germany - How to get one?

Hier kommt ein Text meines Lebensgefährten darüber wie er das Working-Holiday-Visum in Deutschland errungen hat.
Man kann dies gern als Anleitung verwenden. Natürlich habe ich den Text im Englischen belassen. Das grün Geschriebene ist mein bescheidener Beitrag.

I got my visa in Stuttgart and it didn't really take that long even though I couldn't find the working holiday form. I just filled out the residence permit form for employment (Erwerbstätigkeit) and then when I was there they put me down for the working holiday program but I will get to that.
(Okay this is the author of this blog who tries to eplain the things my boyfriend forgot. The residence permit form for employment is definetly the wrong form. My boyfriend got a lot of forms. I think it was 12 forms. He just had to fill out 2. The rest was in case he tries to open a shop, closes a shop, overtakes a shop and so on. And the resindece permit for employment forces you to keep one job. And it will cause a lot of worries for your employer. Okay this is it.)

First of all people from New Zealand and Australia can apply for the working holiday visa in Germany but it will be easier to do it at home.
With the Visa you can work one year in Germany in the same job or as many as you want. The cost of the visa is 50 euro. Don't expect the people at the immigration office to speak english. Remember your in their country now so it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring someone who can speak German.
(Also people from Korea can get a working holiday visa pretty easy. Pretty easy means you just have to fill out 1000 forms instead of 100.000. Because Germany is the world champion when it comes to bureaucracy. And maybe it's a good idea o make a list what you will need BEFORE you go to the immigration office. The list of my boyfriend will follow at the end of the text.)

What to do:

  • In the morning go to the Bürgerbüro (citizens office) and register your adress (Anmeldung) There are many doors in there go into the one with the first letter of your surname.

Okay it's not that easy. First you have to ask the lady at the reception desk (in German please) where to go. Bcause on every floor are the same doors with the same letter just with a different number. That't just Germany. The door nr. 204 with the letters I-M is not the same as the door with nr. 304 with the letters I to M. Because the first one is the immigration office and the other one is the tax office. Just ask.
And it's sometimes hard to fulfil the condition with the adress. My boyfriend jsut moved to my appartment. But to rent a aapartment COULD BE pretty hard if you don't speak German.)

  • Go to the Ausländerbehörde (immigration office) find your room by your surname and talk to the receptionist about the working holiday visa. Show them the informations you have.

This could be the wikipedia-entry "Working Holiday Visa. The German one of course, because we're in Germany. Sometimes receptionists need some convincing. (Never try to seduce a german official).

  • Next the receptionist will send you to another room where you will get all your forms checked passport and money take in then 10 minutes later they will over your new passport with a nice new visa in it.


  • Next you need a tax card (Lohnsteuerkarte) you might as well get it at the Bürgerbüro while you are there because it only takes 5 minutes and thats it.
    Your all done.

What you need:

-Passport photo (biometric)
-Proof of health insurance
-Proof of funds (you need a bank statement
-Proof of flight home ( or proof that you can change a valid ticket)
-Application form filled out
-Be prepared to suck up to the immigraion office

The health insurance could be a problem. They wanted my boyfriend to proof that his australian health insurance covers exactly the stuff a german one does. But the australian one didn't cover health concequences after bank robbery. So he had to apply to a german health insurance. (Because you have to deal with bank robbery almost every day in Germany!?) He choose the TK (Techniker Krankenkasse) This one has also an english website. And he had to prrof that he could live in germany without german healthcare for at least 3 month. And they think that you need 400€ per month to do it. So you need at least 1200€ of funds. But of course, it's a matter of fact that you can hardly pay the rent with 400€ in western Germany.

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